About ShuttleRack

Our Story

ShuttleRack got its start in the summer of 2020 when bike racks were out of stock – everywhere. So – why not build our own? Our staff are mountain bikers and designers, so we set off to solve the problem for ourselves.

We started with some basic ideas: carry the bike only by its wheels! It seemed that almost every bike rack you could buy came in contact with the fork, or the frame. We think you should love your bike – don’t use a rack that scratches it!

We also knew it needed to be vertically oriented, since horizontal-style racks stick out way too far behind the vehicle.

We set to work, and modelled some ideas up in 3D CAD. We built a prototype, tried it out, changed a bunch of stuff, built another prototype; more testing. A few more tweaks, some more testing, and we were pretty stoked with what we had designed. Our fabricator was impressed, and said, we should sell these things! And now these racks are providing local jobs while getting you a bike rack that’s fun to use and doesn’t scratch your bike. We want you to enjoy transporting your bike as much as you do riding it. Now get out there and ride your bike!

durable contruction

ShuttleRacks are made in BC and developed to withstand the ever changing west coast weather. They are expertly welded, and have a durable powdercoated finish that looks fantastic!

Easy To Load and Secure

Our rack are super easy to load! Simply drop the front wheel into the wheel cradle. Once bikes are loaded, use two the bungees provided for each bike, to secure the bottom wheel.

Rear Door Access

ShuttleRack allows you to recline the rack 15°, 30° or 90° for full access to the rear hatch, camper door or truck tailgate. Do this with your bikes removed from the rack.

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