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Our ShuttleRack 5 Kit includes the complete wheel cradles and tubes required for assembly. This rack fits a maximum of 5 bikes.  If you need to carry more than one road/gravel bike with drop bars, you can order longer tubes for your rack here as drop bars need more space between the bikes.

If you would like to pick up your rack in person, we will build your rack and install it on your vehicle. Select Local Pickup, Assembly and Install in the shipping options on the checkout page.

Check this PDF for dimensions for fitting the rack to your vehicle with the 12″ or 18″ regular hitch.

Our racks come with an internal cinch on our hitch tube to eliminate wobble.  For trips and rough roads, see this page on additional security.

If you’ve got bikes with smaller wheels, you can swap or add a small cradle set to your order.

Please select a hitch type and color:
SR5 Hitch Type
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ShuttleRack 5 Kit includes the wheel cradles and tubes required for assembly. The kit comprises two boxes as required for shipping. Our bike racks are individually boxed to your order specifications.  Our processing queue is 2-5 days depending on volume, and your rack ships with the speed you have chosen.

Prices are in Canadian dollars. Please select a hitch size and color before adding to cart. 

Our racks come with an internal cinch on our hitch tube to eliminate wobble.

SR5 weight: 76 lbs

Additional information

Hitch Clamp Included

Anti-Wobble Clamp, No Clamp

4 reviews for ShuttleRack 5

  1. Scott Bakker

    We got a ShuttleRack 5 for our family and it’s a total beast. Easy to load and unload – my kids can load their own bikes. The rack itself stays rock solid up forest service roads and it’s easy to adjust the position. We have mountain, gravel, road and commuter bikes (even an old beach cruiser) and they all fit nicely. Absolutely recommended!

  2. Jarek Rakowski (verified owner)

    I had looked for a hitch mounted bike rack that could hold 5 bikes without a frame contact. I have a few carbon frame bikes and a couple single-fork (lefty) bikes. I had a hard time finding a suitable rack that would allow me to transport them. There are a few racks on the market that I looked at, called platform racks, that hold bikes by their tires to eliminate the frame contact. The common drawbacks of those racks are that they hold a maximum of 4 bikes and sometimes there is a weight limit for the bikes in the outer slots. Some people suggested combining a platform rack with a roof rack, or even installing a second hitch rack at the front of the vehicle to transport more bikes. But with those solutions, the bikes are exposed to the incoming airflow, which results in huge amounts of dead insects collecting on the bike frames. There are also racks that let you carry 6 bikes in a vertical position, called hangover racks, but they are designed to hold the bike by the fork, which is against my no-frame-contact requirement. On top of that, they do not work with the less common fork designs like those of the Cannondale lefty.

    Finally I found Shuttlerack and it turned out to be the only bike rack that could meet my requirements.

    Overall, I like the rack, because now I can take my whole family cycling without having to drive 2 cars and using the back of the SUV to transport the bikes.
    After using the rack on 2 cycling trips I have some observations and suggestions that might be worth noting for someone who decides to get the rack.

    The rack is on a heavier side and requires support from a second person to install it and remove it from the vehicle. This should be of no surprise with the 5-bike version, which I am using. But because I have a 5-bike rack, I usually go cycling with someone who can help me to install the rack. The alternative would be to modify the rack design to have 2 modules that would be installed one at a time in an add-on fashion. But that would most certainly increase the overall weight and cost of the rack. Personally I don’t think it’s needed.

    My bikes have extra long handle bars. Even though the bikes are spaced 12 in. apart and the front wheels turned at about 45 degrees, the right side of the handle bar crosses the frame of the neighbouring bike by about 1-2 inches. To prevent the brake lever from scratching the frame of the neighbouring bike, I use small bungee cords to keep the right hand-side brakes shut when the bikes are in the rack. Additionally I have rubber bop bumpers attached to the frame in place where the handlebars cross the frame to prevent a possible contact.

    • shuttlerack

      If you put smaller bikes on the right, and larger ones to the left, this oughta keep your brake levers from contacting the top tube of the next bike. And our racks need to carry ebikes so there’s a bit of steel in there 😉 Thanks for the review Jarek!

  3. Mike Pawlas

    We recently purchased a ShuttleRack and found we had the time to pick it up in person. I cannot say enough about the service we received from Wes and his son. It was a great experience and we are VERY happy with the rack. Service aside I would highly recommend the rack. Its very well built and extremely quick and easy to load.

  4. Mark Roberts (verified owner)

    This is our first hanging rack, and have years of experience with bike tray racks that cary 4 bikes (Thule, Yakima, 1Up). We’ve had the Shuttle 5 for over a month now, and it lives on the back of our Tacoma as we load it with bikes 4-5 times a week. We’ve used it on gravel roads, short pavement trips and longer highway road trips throughout BC. There’s been no issues with hitch wobble, play within the joints of the rack, or and bike movement on the rack. The whole rack sits solid and doesn’t move around. Bikes are super easy to load for me and my 5’3″ wife, there’s no bike to bike or rack to bike contact. Pull the pin to unlock the lean function and lean the rack back, and we can still get access into the tailgate of our Tacoma. Everything about this rack is rock solid, and you can customize the fit to your vehicle really easily. Highly recommend.

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