Small Cradle Set (Add-On) + $150


This is not a complete bike rack.  This additional wheel cradle set allows bicycles with 16″ up to 24″ size wheels to be used on any ShuttleRack.  This set includes:

  • A reduced size front wheel cradle for support of smaller wheels, such as 20″ BMX bikes
  • Rear wheel cradle with extension and second wheel cradle to allow securing of bikes with smaller wheelbases

The small cradle kit should be placed in the rightmost location on the rack.  Note that the rear wheel cradle still has the regular position of the rear wheel available.  This would allow you to leave the small rear wheel cradle on the rack even if you put the regular front wheel cradle on the rack.

You can add this to your order if you want to have this cradle set in addition to the regular cradle that comes with the racks.  If you want to exchange one of the regular wheel cradles on your rack order for a small cradle set, please add the small cradle swap set here.


Additional information

Weight7 lbs


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